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Let’s Play the Prosperity Game

It is Time to Start having FUN…

Let’s Play the Prosperity Game

You remember my Dominant Intention in my last blog… Abundance. The Prosperity Game is certainly one of the best way to support the creation of more Abundance into my life… and yours. ;-)


But, WHY the Prosperity Game?

The Prosperity Game is a Gift to Us from Abraham, a non-physical entity channelled by Esther Hicks. The teachings of Abraham have been brought to us for over 25 years by Esther and Jerry Hicks. These teachings are about Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing.


Abraham says about the Prosperity Game (Abraham-Hicks in “Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires”, p.177-181):



The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so the Prosperity Game process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction.




Joyously playing the Prosperity Game will not only improve your financial state of being, but every aspect of your life will improve as well. It will not only help you activate more vibrations around things that you want, but it will aid you in focusing, more of the time, in a way that allows the things that you want to flow into your experience.

Playing the Prosperity Game will cause you to offer a more expansive, expectant vibration. And it is our promise to you that manifestations will begin to arrive in response to your changed vibration.

How to Play the Prosperity Game?

On the first day, you imagine receiving a check from the Universe for $1,000. And, you need to spend it. On the second day, you receive $2,000 ; on the third day, you receive $3,000; and so on. In this way, if you Play the Prosperity Game everyday for a full year, you will have received and spent more than $66 million.

You will discover as you play the Prosperity Game that it will need from you to increase more and more your ability to imagine; you will discover where you face your own limitations and be able to work on them to reduce the amount of resistance; and, it will allow for an expansion of your ability to create more and more abundance into your own life. This is an incredibly amazing process that will help in the actual transformation of your life experience by Allowing for more Abundance to manifest through your expansive vibrational energy.


Where to Play the Prosperity game?

You can create your own environment, your own system using and old checkbook and a notebook, or using an accounting software or an Excel spreadsheet on your own computer; or you can use the most wonderful and supportive system you can find by registering for free and playing the Prosperity Game on a website developed by Elyse Hope Killoran called “Choosing Prosperity”.

The Prosperity Game is an amazing tool that I use for myself and with my clients in my coaching business. However, this site with all the tools and support provided is the exact tool I am using myself to play the game. It is simply AWESOME! And, I would recommend to use this wonderful environment to Play the Prosperity Game to everyone.

I warmly invite all of you to join me in playing the Prosperity Game as I know that it would be a key element in the actual transformation of your own life for the better, and I would be glad to help and support you in your own process to create more Abundance in any area of your life.

If so you choose, you simply have to visit my website at, click on the “Contact Me” tab, and write me a small note requesting for your two (2) free complimentary sessions. Looking forward to be of service to you.

Let’s have some FUN Playing the Prosperity Game and creating more Abundance in our lives as in the World!

Love & Blessings,

Dominant Intention vs Resolutions

What is your Dominant Intention for 2013?

Dominant Intention vs Resolutions…

Most people at this time of the year take Resolutions for the New Year.

Have you taken your resolutions for 2013?

Personally, I realized long ago that for myself as for most people these resolutions do not usually last very long during the year and rarely come to manifest into concrete results. I believe that it could very often occur in this way because there is too many of these resolutions to start with and some are probably too big as well and we quite rapidly lose faith in our possibility to achieve them. And, we end up dropping or forgetting them quite rapidly. And, from my experience, it has nothing to do with our willingness to achieve them or lack of it.

For something to manifest into our lives we first need Clarity of Intention – a Dominant Intention – and, then, Focus.

As vibrational beings, we need to constantly bring ourselves to a vibrational match to the vibration of our desire in order for it to manifest into our life experience. By defining clearly what it is that we want to experience mainly in this new year, we can then keep our focus on being a vibrational match until it comes to manifestation.

So, for me, I transformed this Resolution habit into choosing what is my Dominant  Intention for the year. I can then spend the year focusing on this one Dominant Intention. I can sense my energy regularly and see if I am in harmony with the object of my wish. And, I can more easily adjust my vibrations as I move along the path of this new year because of this Focus on one Dominant Intention.

Christy Whitman explains this concept very well in the following video…

My Dominant Intention for 2013 is Abundance. Abundance in all aspects of my life with a special Focus on Abundance of Money, Success and Joy!

What is it that You Want for 2013? What is this One Word that could very well represent your main goal for this year? Is it Love? Freedom? Joy? Abundance? Success? Health? What is it for YOU? What is your Dominant Intention for 2013?

Come share with me what is your Dominant Intention for 2013. I would be glad to read what you are dreaming of and, I could even support you either in defining it if you seem to have some difficulty clarifying what it is exactly that you want or in sustaining your vision and helping you getting into vibrational alignment so that it actually manifests into your life experience in 2013.

If so you choose, you simply have to visit my website at, click on the “Contact Me” tab, and write me a small note requesting for your two (2) free complimentary sessions. From there, I will be in touch with you to get started with your creation process. I’d be honored to be working with you to achieve your 2013 Dominant Intention.

This is Your Year… to Manifest your Dominant Intention.

Love & Blessings,

Happy Birth Day, Happy New Year!

Happy Birth Day to YOU!

Ah! Ah! You were not expecting a Happy Birth Day Wish but a Happy New Year Wish instead, isn’t it? ;-)

However, this is a Birth Day

The Birth Day of a New Year, the Birth Day of a New Era and, the Birth Day of a New Life for YOU if so You Choose… This is simply a question of Free Choice!

For me, it is the Birth Day of this “Coaching Treasures” Blog which has for purpose to give YOU Lots of Information related to Coaching, to the Law of Attraction and to “Free Choice Coaching”, my Coaching Business. The purpose of “Coaching Treasures” combined with “Free Choice Coaching” is to Facilitate and Support YOU on Your Path of Life!

This is a Great Opportunity to Envision it as well as the Birth Day of Your Own Dreams.

As an example… we see many people worldwide dreaming of Freedom (financially or otherwise) and, at the same time, we see so many people being dependent on the government or any other authority to take decisions about their personal lives. Let me ask you a question… How often do you find yourself thinking or even saying that the government should do this or that? That the government should give you such and such services, especially with all the taxes that you are being charged? That if the government was not taxing you that much, you would be better off financially? and so on.

I hope not too often! Because this Attitude is very much contradictory with the want to be Free and certainly prevents you from achieving it. This is a victim attitude toward the government or any other authority and certainly not one of an Autonomous and Free person. Most of us have been educated to give our Power away so that authorities could control us. However, it is fundamental that we come to realize that we will never be Free unless we gain back our own Power, our own Autonomy. The time is NOW for all of us who wish to become Free to give Birth to our own full Potential. This could very well be your Birth Day… if so You Choose. This is a question of Free Choice!

So, NOW, envisioning your actual situation, what is the 1st Step – as small as it could be – that would bring you closer to your personal wish?

Is it time to start loving yourself more and taking better care of yourself by quitting to smoke, starting to exercise, making small positive changes in your dietary habits, and so on?

Is it time to define a financial plan that would lead you up to being debt Free in a definite time?

Is it time to start your own home-based business so that you could eventually fire your boss?

Is it time to start with a Coaching Program that will Support You on your Path to Achieving your Dreams?

Most of us would agree that governments could do so much better… but, what is it now that You could start in your own life as a 1st Step toward your Goals? Oh, maybe, is it to start be defining what it is that you really want? How many people never take time to define what they really want, their Goals, because they don’t even trust they could achieve them? This is sad! Not defining what they want, cause them to be carried away by all the events in their life. I hope sincerely you are not in this situation. This is Your Birth Day! You can Choose Now to Change Your Life according to Your Own Free Choices!

Everything is possible! And, it all start with One Baby Step in the right direction. As with walking, this first step will inevitably lead to a second step and so on until you find yourself waking up one day with your dream materialized before your eyes. You are Free! You are Autonomous! And, very little affected by decisions from any authority. Isn’t it Amazing?

So let’s Start Now! You simply have to visit my website at, click on the “Contact Me” tab, and write me a small note requesting for your two (2) free complimentary sessions. From there, I will be in touch with you and help you get started on the Path to Your New Life. This is simply a question of Making a Decision, of Making a Free Choice Now!

We are not only celebrating the Birth Day of a New Year and of my “Coaching Treasures” Blog…

We are also celebrating Your Birth Day!!!

I Wish 2013 to Be Your Best Year ever!

Love & Blessings,